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Giripremi team to climb Mt. Annapurna in April 2020


Giripremi, who is on the quest to climb all 14 8000er meters mountain in the world, launches an
eighth 8000er meters mountain expedition on the occasion of New Year. A team of four
mountaineers led by Umesh Zirpe will climb Mt. Annapurna (8091 meters), the tenth
the highest mountain in the world in March- April 2020. Ushaprabha Page (Founder- President,
Giripremi), Anand Palande (Founder- Trustee, Giripremi), Umesh Zirpe (Leader, Mt. Annapurna
I Expedition 2020) along with the climbing team announced the expedition in Press Conference
on Thursday, 2nd January 2020 in Pune.

The climbing team of the expedition consists of Ashish Mane (Submitter of five 8000er meters mountains including Mt. Everest), Bhushan Harshe (Mt. Everest and Mt. Kangchenjunga
Summitter) and Jitendra Gaware (Mt. Kangchenjunga Summitter). Umesh Zirpe, the leader of
Giripremi’s 8000er meters mountain expeditions, will lead Mt. Annapurna I Expedition 2020. It is his eighth consecutive expedition as a leader.

Umesh Zirpe

Zirpe explained the details of the expedition. He said, “After the enormous success of Mt. Everest in 2012, we had been constantly asked by people, what next? After Mt. Everest The expedition, Giripremi envisioned to climb all 14 8000er meters mountain in the world. We are already halfway there. Our teams reached the summit of seven 8000er meters mountain in last seven years including Mt. Everest (the world’s highest mountain) in 2012, Mt. Lhotse (the world’s fourth-highest mountain) in 2013, Mt Makalu (the world’s fifth highest mountain) in 2014, Mt. Cho Oyu (the world’s sixth-highest mountain) & Mt. Dhaulagiri (the world’s seventh the highest mountain) in 2016, Mt. Manaslu (the world’s eighth highest mountain) in 2017 and Mt.Kangchenjunga (the world’s third-highest mountain) in 2019. Now we have planned an expedition on Mt. Annapurna I (the world’s tenth highest mountain) located in Nepal. The mountain stands tall with a height of 8091 meters and is known as one of the toughest mountains to climb across the globe. Giripremi’s three experienced and skilled climbers will climb Mt. Annapurna I in March- April 2020.”


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