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Narendra Modi hailes the historic Bodo Accord


New Delhi (Sahyadri Post) – The Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the historic Bodo Accord signed today and said the Accord will lead to transformative results for the Bodo people.

In a tweet Prime Minister said, “Ushering in a new dawn of peace, harmony and togetherness! Today is a very special day for India. The Accord with Bodo groups, which has been inked today will lead to transformative results for the Bodo people.

Bodo Accord inked today stands out for many reasons. It successfully brings together the leading stakeholders under one framework. Those who were previously associated with armed resistance groups will now be entering the mainstream and contributing to our nation’s progress.

The Accord with Bodo groups will further protect and popularise the unique culture of the Bodo people. They will get access to a wide range of development oriented initiatives. We are committed to doing everything possible to help the Bodo people realise their aspirations”.

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